Have you read Stendhal?

The Judge's Room (26 images, t=76)

The experiments conducted at S-76 were designed to identify methods to discern truth from falsehood. They involved the use of people without their knowledge, psychotropics, and literature.

The subjects were referred to as books. They were wearing gag bits. They were taught to enjoy confinement and reverse chronological order.

The criteria of truth were:

1) the power to follow many paths simultaneously;

2) pliancy (words and fabricated sensations were transformed into first impressions with the ability to alter judgement, taste, and behavior);

3) accumulation (until it reached a limit where the “truth,” in the form of knowledge fragments, became detrimental to stereohell as a whole, which set an upper limit on the size stereohell could reach);

4) an ensemble of laws [the Facilities?];

5) a second ensemble of laws enclosing the whole system [possibly stereohell itself];

6) differences and repetitions.

preparatory sketches for difference and repetition (the ryon-ji garden of paths), 2011

Male subjects on intensive "treatment" were unable to:

- not perform deliberate actions to confuse others;

- comply with consensus supported logic.

Some had their own urine injected in their gonads and started to seek a sort of abstract, non-aimed revenge. Their silences became calculated, their malevolence prepense. They performed I wish you death rituals in furnished rooms, where they were left alone, à huis clos. When, in certain occurrences, the tables were turned, the same subjects were showing contentment. They were pleased when cramped, muzzled, and famished [these counter-activities took place at S-52].

Development image of a segment of magnetic tape 11. The signals were examined and compared to reference recordings obtained from two sources. Both contained what forensic acoustics experts believed was a series of "alterations" [edits]. The magnetic traces [blue bars] generated during the playback of the tape [red bar] represent the transitions between four different voiceprints belonging to a single speaker [Jimmy Brodkey].

One subject, known as "Naked Jimmy" (or "Gimp Suit Jimmy"), underwent extreme therapy. He considered his self living in a simulation of himself composed of two alternate states mutually exclusive to each other:

State 1. Going with the current flow and, at the same time, be the current.

State 2. Feeling and acting like a thing.

Audio excerpt from conversation with Jimmy Brodkey, Tape 11, May 2010
[audio:http://www.stereohell.com/audio/brodkey.mp3|titles=A conversation with Jimmy Brodkey]

Conversations with Naked Jimmy [i.e. between Jimmy Brodkey, and Mary Z. Mip and Billy F. Gumm, psychiatrist and criminologist respectively] usually began with "soft" questions such as "What color is your hair?" before addressing objectification and simulation. When asked what exactly was simulated, Naked Jimmy's first answer was:

“that which is not a simulation.”

        He would then pause, theatrically, before conceding that

a deep discussion regarding "simulation disorders" required illogic reasoning (truth is not persuasive),

                and that

“My perceptions don’t matter” (a phrase he often pronounced). “It’d matter if I were to speak for someone else, who cannot speak. If I were her voice.”

                            And that

"they should just get a facility of their fucking own.”

"They?" asked Gumm.

"Some people were under my surveillance. A very unfortunate situation."

"Were you under your own surveillance?"

The Brodkey film (self-titled THREE). The three explosions are often uncircumstantially compared to the ten thunderwords in Finnegans Wake.
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"It's hard to explain. For instance, the film is not a film, per se."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean our misfortunes, Doctor, they come from wrong ideas we have about what happens to us. Have you read Stendhal?”




The Facilities is a collection
of twenty-nine clauses discovered
at S-52 in 2002, among other documents.
Only one copy is known to exist.


Facility: All Facilities are to be considered in order of priority.

Facility S-1, or S-One: Facility is defined as the Introductory Facility. Anything signifies anything.

Facility S-1 annex, or S-One annex: S-One is defined as a two-phase Facility. The perception is the reality.

S-1 (26 images, t=1)

Facility S-2: The Facilities beginning with S are defined as Defining Facilities. The Facilities beginning with S- are defined as Validating Facilities. All are prior to their modifications.

Facility S-5: The idea of a Facility, from which a finite number of Facilities follow in infinite ways, can only be one.

Facility S-6: If any Facility consists of two parts, both of those parts are referred to as one Facility by its number.

Facility S-11: Things are regarded as necessary if this Facility is to be considered valid.

Facility S-12: S-11 is to be left, not followed, if this Facility is to be considered not valid.

Facility S-17: S-12 is to be considered invalidated if S-20 has been invalidated.

Facility S-18: S-19 takes precedence over S-75, and is subordinate to S-18. Otherwise, it follows normal priority.

Facility S-19: All Facilities except S-12, S-19, S-56, S-68, and S-77, are invalidated if S-18 and S-19 are not dually fulfilled.

S-19 (26 images, t=19)

Facility S-20: S-28 is to be considered invalid if the terms inscribed in S-52 are met simultaneously.

Facility S-22: S-52 is not to be invalidated, but its terms reversed whenever S-52 and S-56 are identicalised.

Facility S-28: All Facilities must be fulfilled, or be given the authority to negate any term under the conditions laid out in S-19.

Facility S-35: S-35 is invalidated, unless S-35 is considered a null clause.

Facility S-50: Simulations must be generated at S-68 unless S-75 is considered void.

Facility S-52: S-52 has precedence over S-56.

S-52 (26 images, t=52)

Facility S-55: S-52 should be omitted in the event that S-28 is either met, or invalidated.

Facility S-56: S-56 must conform to the actions to which S-52 is held responsible in S-19 and S-75.

Facility S-57: If S is true, its negation is not false, unless it gives precedence over S-.

Facility S-58: S-57 is given the first order of precedence, unless S-58 precedes S-56.

Facility S-59: S-59 is considered, in the condition that the conditions set out in S-57 are not met, a repetition.

Facility S-60: When the number of Facilities is not inferior to 6, the Facilities can all be referred to as S-One.

Facility S-62: Inverse S-62, unless S-60 and S-One are the same.

S-68 (26 images, t=68)

Facility S-68: S-68 is given the first order of precedence in determining all matters of precedence, or of validation.

Facility S-69: S-69 has precedence over S-76 when S- is a prime number, unless the contrary is proved.

S-75 (26 images, t=75)

Facility S-75: S-75 is to be held responsible for the supervision of S-77.

Facility S-77: S-77 validates the negation of the actions to which S-75 is held responsible in S-76.

Facility S-80: S ? 2.