Submitted as an Affidavit of Material Support for Lynne Stewart

Inlet courtesy of the U.S. Department of Justice.
The global War on Terror has yielded a Lynne Laden Effect, effectively creating a symmetry between the transgressions of those accused of "terrorism" and the legal representatives hired to advocate on their behalf. This symmetry associates the accused crimes of the former with the believed "material support" of the latter. Hereby submitted as material support are some facts about former attorney/current prisoner Lynne Stewart. This submission is preventative in nature, tendered in case a special administrative measure (USAM title 9 chapter 24) for political rights advocates of political rights advocates becomes a known penal offense.

Lynne Stewart is 73 years old

Lynne Stewart’s prison register number is 53504-054

Lynne Stewart has stage-four cancer

Lynne Stewart’s cancer has metastasised to her lymph nodes, shoulder, bones, and spread throughout her lungs 

Lynne Stewart’s medical treatment to arrest the cancer has been halted

Lynne Stewart is too physical weak to receive it

Lynne Stewart is transported to receive medical care in leg irons, belly chains, and wrist cuffs

Lynne Stewart is held in the prison hospital with wrist and ankle shackles

Lynne Stewart’s request for “compassionate release” was denied because the general counsel for the Bureau of Prisons said her “health is improving”

Lynne Stewart wrote that “the Bureaucrats, Kafka like, have turned down my request”

Lynne Stewart practiced law for 32 years

Lynne Stewart's mainly defended poor prisoners for 32 years

Lynne Stewart also defended federal prisoners for 32 years

Lynne Stewart is a federal prisoner

Lynne Stewart's court sentencing saw prosecutors asking for a maximum sentencing of 30 years to “not only punish Stewart for her actions, but serve as a deterrent for other lawyers”

Lynne Stewart’s indictment on charges of national terrorism was announced on The David Letterman Show by John Ashcroft

Lynne Stewart prefers John Ashbery

Lynne Stewart did not appear on The David Letterman Show

Lynne Stewart appears in a video on "her conviction, the law and poetry"

Lynne Stewart on occasion quotes Edna St. Vincent Millay, and from Seamus Heaney's verse adaptation of Sophocles

Lynne Stewart was a librarian

Lynne Stewart is a known human being

Lynne Stewart is triple times a mother (mother, grandmother, great-grandmother)

Lynne Stewart is held at the Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas

Lynne Stewart is scheduled for release in 2018

Lynne Stewart wrote in 2012, "It does not get better and I have to gut check myself regularly to be certain that I am resisting the pervasive institutionalization that takes place"

And Lynne Stewart wrote in 2012, "I am reminded of the rejoinder of a group of Panthers arrested and then beaten, when their lawyer said not to worry; 'The system does work.' One of them said 'Yeah, for who?'"