Sunday Reading

Friends With Benefits + The Kids Are All Right = Friends With Kids

The anti- vote.


Using NYPD Warrant Squads to Monitor Protesters May Violate Constitution: Experts

The spy who came in from the code

Drones: The Nightmare Scenario

Classic African Films N°3: ‘Come Back, Africa’ 

Roman Emperors, Up To AD 476 And Not Including Usurpers, In Order Of How Hardcore Their Deaths Were

the moral limits of confronting the bully, and calling his bluff

Mali: Law-and-Order Islamism

Reflections from UC Davis: On Academic Freedom and Campus Militarization

You had me at "As a self-aware Predator Drone":

As a self-aware Predator drone, I get my share of criticism. “You’re flying lost-link again!” “You vaporized a playground!” “You’re trying to usher in a post-human robo-dystopia!” Some of this is valid, some of it…okay, most of it is valid. But sometimes, the public discourse over drones like me becomes so turgid and dramatic that it obscures reasonable discussion of my pros and cons. And when the hyperventilating gets most hyper, when the language becomes most overwrought, when the prognostication gets most preposterous, I see it stemming from the conflation of two very different issues. And I don’t think that that’s an accident.

Prestigous Caine Prize mostly South of the Sahara

CUNY students Roughed Up for Protesting

Massive May Day Turnout Highlights Media's Disconnect From Reality

Occupied Oakland's May Daze

It's Not "Sex." It's "Rape."

“Begging the question”: we have answers

Politics at the Tip of the Clitoris: Why, in Fact, Do They Hate Us?

From Spring to Autumn:

Intellectuals go back and forth on Twitter about the police, the black bloc, the best procedure for an illegal building occupation (as though any of us knew!). These debates have very little real content, but they work very well to displace our anxiety: nobody actually knows how a movement can grow and develop today. The classical patterns are out of reach: we don’t have mass left-wing parties, our unions have little influence, and most of our factories have more machines than workers – they remain untouched by general strikes.

Administrative Totalitarianism at the UC and the Necessity for Faculty Direct Acrion

Scahill: Obama still relying on the blank check the Bush administration gave him for endless war

Dogs but not Wolves use Humans as Tools


Grandpa Was a Baller

The Origin and Cultural Evolution of Silence

Design Against Prisons


Love Bomb: How Deep Is Israel's Love for Iran?

The American Ear, The Iraqi (Literary) Voice

Fight For Your Right, Revisited

New Works and Anti-Works

China Miéville Dials S for Social Criticism

Anti-intellectualism, déjà vu.

Plainclothes Cops Refuse To Identify Themselves As Cops, Seize Woman At Union Square Rally

Who's Teaching Whom?

Student abandoned in DEA holding cell drank own urine to survive

Striking Back at Egyptian Workers

Bint Battuta's Supplemental Sunday Reading:

Moorings: Indo-oceanic Creolizations

The lost city: Beirut Modern

The Barbarian Has to Keep it Real

Shadows on the Grass - India's grasslands

The aesthetics of notation

Nagabhushana Swamy O L: A Few Passages from the Unwritten Autobiography of a Translator

"Since its inception in 2006, Google has added 65 languages from every region in the world, with two notable exceptions: Central Asia and sub-Saharan Africa"

Migration: Europe's absent history

The history of Karachi's Freemasons

On Iranian state television children’s programming

Return of the Thousand Verses - translation of the first lines of the Alfiyya of Ibn Malik

"Grazmatch Tsegu", an extract from "Two Weeks in the Trenches: Reminiscences of Childhood and War in Eritrea" by Alemseged


Why was Shylock named Shylock?

Interview with Gaza artists Tarzan and Arab

Frank Pasquale's Supplemental Sunday Reading:

By 2007 the trade in derivatives worldwide was one quadrillion US dollars - "10 times the total production of goods on the planet over its entire history." "The successful" withdraw real dollars against such fictitious capital.

Laissez-faire with strip-searches.

Beneath the surface of pharma trials.

“Covert” campaigns, so secret they can’t even be acknowledged in a court of law, so public they can be boasted about.

From why I blog to how they tweet. Twitter wins.

Secretive "Clean Halls" policing program.

Superclass changed the rules; keeps winning; admires itself; dreams of "social network designed for 200 most powerful people in the world."