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The New York Times on student debt: "Student Loans Weigh Down a Generation with Heavy Debt" and "Slowly, as Student Debt Rises, Colleges Confront Costs":

Moody’s Investors Service, in a report earlier this year, said it had a favorable outlook for the nation’s most elite private colleges and large state institutions, those with the “strongest market positions” that had multiple ways to generate revenue. Ohio State, for instance, received a stable outlook from Moody’s last fall, though the report cautioned about the school’s debt and reliance on its medical center for revenue.

But Moody’s issued a negative outlook for a majority of colleges and universities heavily dependent on tuition and state revenue.

“Tuition levels are at a tipping point,” Moody’s wrote, adding later, “We anticipate an ongoing bifurcation of student demand favoring the highest quality and most affordable higher education options."

When high tuition drives resident students away:

…university dependence on private money -- student tuition in particular -- has pushed a huge portion of the higher ed sector into manipulating exactly the young people they are charged to enlighten.

Ending the Master Plan won't even help the budget [Bob Meister's original "They Pledged Your Tuition" article is here]:

[A]fter all the trouble UCOP went to deny the implication of CUCFA president Robert Meister's analysis that UC might not only pledge tuition money for construction bonds but use [it] to pay them off, it's as if UCOP said "hmm, maybe we should do that after all," and are now negotiating the possibility.


Theorizing the bathroom:

No doubt: the bathroom occupies an ambiguous position among the rooms of our houses at present. A position that oscillates between the most private and the almost public (‘social’). This oscillation can be taken as one of the measurements of our cultural position, both horizontally (from the point of view of history) and vertically (from the point of view of social structure).

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