Sunday Reading

Frank Pasquale:

  • Technocracy as bankocracy as hypocrisy.
  • 13 ways of looking at American decline.
  • Rotten elites (PS: the book is brilliant till the last chapter).
  • How does PersonicX classify you?
  • The mustache will take your questions now.
  • Columbia U and finance: Take 1Take 2.
  • "If you can imagine it, you can see it here," said a Broward Crime Stopper. "This is South Florida. I'm not that surprised."
  • Ludic pharma: play with data.
  • The Jonah Lehrer take-down you've all been waiting for.
  • Big Elsie: "us or the stone age."
  • Change you can barely believe, trade edition.  And "US government sides with Shell over victims of crimes against humanity."
  • Outrage: "the servicers will get credit on the same loans they got taxpayer-funded checks for”
  • Plausible deniability for the imperial CEO at JPM; Apple edition; Sarbox angle; "The CEO 'I’m in charge and I know nothing' defense is alive and well because it has proven to be so successful."
  • "Executive prerogative is to not be quantified, to mandate the quantification of others”
  • Lecture by Richard Bronk: Hayek "attempted a restatement of the central problem for economists and economic agents alike." Hayekians must face up to the possibility that "free market ideology and deregulation itself may destroy the very institutions that market participants use to access dispersed and contextual information, and that it may lead to a dangerous analytical monoculture that corrodes the pluralistic underpinnings of the wisdom of prices." Excellent on "data" in Hayek as well.

Bint Battuta:

Jane Hu:


Egypt's "Coup by Proxy":