Sunday Reading

Frank Pasquale:

Bint Battuta:


  • The newest manifesto from Quebec's student movement. 
    In providing everyone with the resources they need to develop their full capacities, we will succeed in creating a society where decision-making and the ways in which we organize our lives with one another are shared. This is the heart of our vision. Education is not a branch of the economy, nor is it a short-term training service. Our educational system, which is at the root of all knowledge, can allow us to pave the way towards freeing society as a whole; it can provide a liberating education that will lay the foundation for self-determination.

And three things to listen to:

Jane Hu:

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  • Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit *
  • Women of the Internet on How the Internet Has Changed Them *
  • What is Real is Imagined *
  • Thirty Dada, Futurist & Surrealist manifestos *
  • Can Women in the Art World "Have It All"? *
  • Yes You, Sweetheart *