Sunday Reading

Frank Pasquale:

Jane Hu:

  • "I'm so tired of this. Aren't you?" is my new internet mantra. *
    If “the literary world” excludes “regular” readers—if it really just means other writers, editors at literary journals and magazines, editors at presses both small and large, agents, publicists, sales forces, independent bookstore owners and big chain bookstore employees, distributors, professors and students in M.F.A. and Ph.D. programs in creative writing, book cover designers and typesetters, and the rest—then I’ll go a step beyond Lennon and suggest that the literary world might fit into an even smaller college town. Think Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Louis MacNeice is romantic. *
  • Pussy Riot and feminist anger. *
  • On Antigone: "The nick of time is the essence of comedy; in tragedy it does not exist." *
  • A key difference between book & TV criticism. *
  • Man edits The Woman's World, then writes The Picture of Dorian Gray *
  • Don't worry, we're far from the end of men. (Or, y'know, worry.) *
  • A childhood (cartoon) hero. *
  • ToS;DR. *

Aaron Bady: