Since 1 September (coinciding with the 'with us or against us' executive proposal of congressional approval for a military strike on Syria) I have been the recipient of relentless, near-identical email messages. Sometimes the messages are oddly dated: a September 2013 message was pre-dated August 2004. Sometimes the spamming spouts from a fecund gutter; on 11 September I received the message three times, once after every meal.

Judging by the laments of others I am hardly alone. Every day the spambot spawns regenerate and bypass inbox filters. Every day they arrive, in triply ecstatic exclamation marks and dollar signs, to promote non-existent (real or faked, heavily spammed) war profits. I am awed by their persistence and the honesty of their motives. Their commercial crusade never wears the thin veneer of a mission of moral accountability.¹

¹June 2011: 'Republican Senator John McCain (Ariz.) and Democratic Senator John Kerry (Mass.) kicked off trading Sunday on the Egyptian Stock Exchange. The two are on a trip to Egypt along with top U.S. business executives. The senators are there to promote economic investment in the country. McCain also called on the Obama administration to take more aggressive measures against the government of Syria.

The following is a meager portion of my Syria_ebooks collection. Don't loose your chance to make money on war. It's perfect time to get this done. Out of the mouth of droids.