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FILES B1 & B2. "Come to Mommy."

A polaroid showing the tilted tiled room at S-19, located inside S-75, and vice versa (mutatis mutandis).

A floor plan showing S-19 and S-75, both located internally within S-19 and S-75.


FILE C. Recovered from Jerry Syrup's computer:

From: ShUwH
Subject: SHEx Initiation Ritual
Date: August 16, 2010 4:58:37 PM EDT -000000
To: [email protected]
Message-ID: {unknown}

Preliminary Notes on an Initiation Ritual to expedite Attunement of new members into S-HEx Working Group (PowerD.) of the New York Shex Branch of the SHE|| Order; by ShUwH, ????????????.


Quotation: This ritual is not intended for use "as-is," but rather as a jumping-off place for "inspiration." Entrants are encouraged to experiment with this ritual ex malo bonum until such time as they are ready to reify it as a personal rite, otherwise called extraordinary daytime rite [ShUwH Note: stay-behind operations].

End of the Rite of the SHEx: The order was first called the Order of SHE, and was a fairly short-lived and controversial society formed Oct. 15, 2007, circa Tribeca [Soho], Manhattan, New York, by Imp Kerr, aided by "Aloha" Covert (real name: Aloysia Covert-Waught) et alii (I. Warm, Chiquita, T-Symmetric), suppressed in 2009, and entirely disposed by the close of 2010. It is now established that ????? was not primarily (first and foremost) involved in the fabrication of ????????, which evidently was not founded by Imp Kerr or any other similar authority, though it pirated and/or paraphrased their rituals and at one time or another had a number of prominent ???????? in the "downtown Manhattan" [sic] branch. Stereohell has received many public ???????? from several sources by reason of the deviations of Stereohell, however, sycophants encouraged the idea that Stereohell [SHEx] and Stereohell were the same [see glossary notes, pp. 51-55]. For details on the lives of Kerr and Covert-Waught, citations were made [ibid. IV, p. 70] in the general text but, since SHEx was their creation and developed as they directed, their acts need to, and will, be further discussed. [inconclusive] {...}

Source: COMINT (not verified, see p. 402 (1010) 56; cf. note 55). Imp Kerr conceived the idea of founding an order which would increase "stereo," lay the foundation for an INTELLIGIBLE AND INEXPLICABLE (so-called) SYSTEM, and by this mean, create new worlds, devise new splendors, oppose Wittgenstein and Science Ltd, among others, and such, all of which objectives being expressed in holograms, sound signals, texts, and names, notably ???????, ???????, and ???????, which were changed to ulterior SHEx, which was translated as "Stereo Hell Easy come" by the FBI Decryption Team, and "Stereohell" or "stereohell" by the Signals Intelligence Service of the US Army. {...} "She was too shrewd and subtle for her own good, though such qualities gave her headway for a time." {...} Of particular interest is the attempt by Imp Kerr (born Kerr) to fly with little knowledge of human aerodynamics. Kerr sought the aid of T-Symmetric to give her "machine" both propulsion and ballast, but it dragged her down without helping SHEx very much, researchers say [verbatim]. {...}

[III.1a] This report introduces a brief synopsis of the "palindrome" theory, which proves [invalidated in 2009, see p. 58] the existence of "activities" and establishes the fact that the ???????? twin area [S-19 and S-75], which is noted for a high incidence of unexplained sightings, is located off the eastern Atlantic coast of the United States.

[III.1b] Witness [redacted]. [redacted] was a B-1 pilot in [redacted] (the name of his carrier air wing was not released) till three years ago [2008]. When in active duty he brought "girls to the Art Basel" from New York, officially for "organizing a house party," but two days after he arrived, said he, he saw a black plane with a white jellyfish logo landing, refueling, boarding the girls he brought up there and taking off. "It was singular, normally the periods between the landing and the take off is longer," said he. Two hours before leaving he had a little chat with an A-2 pilot about that and he told him, "joking," that maybe they were going to S*HE|| 1. He laughed but later on he visited a web page dedicated to S*HE|| 1 and S*HE|| 2 and he saw a picture of a "playmate" similar to one of the girls he flew to Miami, FL.

Nota Bene: S*HE|| 1 was finally beset by both internal and external disorders, for ??????? found fault with some of ????????'s ritualistic work and peremptorily ordered ???? to cease, whereupon ???? resigned. Eventually all S*HE|| raised opposition, so much that [redacted] eradicated [redacted] by edict, end of Oct. 2009.


FILE A. By Sybil Harper's own words, she considered:

List of lists:

ii. Those that belong to the emperor, embalmed ones, those that are trained {...} those that, at a distance, resemble flies

iv. {...} the crabs at Sam Wo's, Tracy's face

v. blacklist, hairstylist, Franz Liszt


i. Aloysia.

[consult subsection 2 (c) for definitions of key terms used in this section]


FILE D. T-Symmetric.

This photograph of T-Symmetric appeared in print on February 12, 2012, on page SR8 of the New York edition of The New York Times with the headline: The Shame of New York.

fully human person, signed, dated 1982 and numbered 5/7 on the interior of the head

Bloom & Poe, Liverpool
Acquired by the present owner from the above in 2006

T-Symmetric, Official copy book, New York, 2003, pp. 2 and 16
T-Symmetric, New Feminism for a New Millennium, San Francisco, 2005, p. 92, illustrated in color
T-Symmetric, Now, no. 1, New York, 2002, p. 40, illustrated in color
T-Symmetric, The Meaning of the Meaning, Center for Studies, London, 2006, p. 60, illustrated
T-Symmetric, Open the door/The tears that we each always ?????? in the last moment, Liverpool, 2009, n.p., illustrated
T-Symmetric, The New York Experience-Inevitable, 2002, p. 28, color photograph
T-Symmetric, The Arts of T-Symmetric Subculture, 2008, fig. 5.12, p. 260, color photograph