The spurious infinite

January 15th, 2009 12:42 AM
i looked through my bookshelf for sade fourier loyola. i read through the sade essays.

in Sade, no strip-tease. the body is uncovered at once. […]. the function of the discourse is not in fact to create “fear, shame, envy, an impression” etc., but to conceive the inconceivable, i.e., to leave nothing outside the words and to concede nothing ineffable to the world.

experto crede
The most objective writers on the subject gave Kerr credit for being a profound thinker, and it was worth noting that her associates spoke with great respect of her intellectual force. It appeared, however, that she was the victim of at least two other forces, first, reality, and secondly, her own inadequate judgment of how to launch an interminable theory such as StereoHell. She was really employing methods of the Middle Age, for her whole system seemed composed of perspectives and counterpoints, spies and counter spies, truths and counter truths, and only those most artful at duplicity and bullshitting were advanced – in this domain she was a prodigy; she knew both sides, for she was both sides. The associates all had fictitious names, that of Imp Kerr being Imp Kerr, and were given in a sort of code, and those who became too inquisitive about matters as to which their distrusts were prompted were turned out. "Coincidences" were found in abundance, yet from a Wittgensteinian standpoint, Kerr was NOT justified in using the infinite as a vehicle for her maneuver.

This schema for StereoHell was designed in 2012. It was published in 2012 by The New Inquiry. The original copy of this schema was destroyed in 2012.

StereoHell is divided into three planes (I, II, III), which are expanded into inverse functions (some of the functions were never completed).

smelled like shrimp

the crabs at Sam Wo’s

they pinked him


the headquarters was Green

black bus, black orchid, black number 68, black jellyfish, blacklist

a list of lists titled MULTICOLORI

the black cover of Jellylovae Multicolori Book

marine animals and happax legomena

tss tss, huh-huh-huh, errrrrr

älsk-, imp-, quasi- and alt-

They invented a country

L'Ordre du discours

Différence et répetition

L'Origine du monde

powder on his gums



kissing nietzsche

an unknown secure location

scholars believe

One confirmed

um, some development...

defensive operations

replied, "I THINK so"

turn light into darkness (in conditions caused by inconstancy)

a toxic cesspool

tricia cilpepper

elevator door in the lobby

segments, patterns, decomposed, waves, parallel planes

responses to these questions

absorb dark

this can’t be the life you came back for

Punctuation and gramma errors

"over us dead they bend"

Surrounded by glory

it can go down to zero

it gives all, and it takes all

short-lived and controversial society

torch your future

and inverse

the “circumstances”

this “situation”

the "activity"

developed as they directed

a rock from Röcken, drooling like a llama

always very civil

"your true place”

just lamecore stuff

this, too, is for good

for use “as-is” / extraordinary daytime rite

T-Symmetric, Now, no. 1, New York, 2002

the Nevada desert

drain the contents of your abdominal and chest cavities with a trocar

knew nothing

always asks to be fucked. never happens.

III.1 (a)
when I least deserve it

devise new splendors

the attempt by Imp Kerr (born Kerr) to fly with little knowledge of human aerodynamics

reactivated twice, before undergoing recombination

III.1 (b)
la femme réelle

an interval of silence

"remembers an imaginary past”

numbered 5/7 on the interior of the head

III.2 (a)
allowed to pass

two opposite arrows of time

more circles

III.2 (b)
experiments on ?????????


December 25th, 2008 12:42 AM
we got home at 1am. some erotic action started in different states of undress. sibyl got her first lift off, a passionate 1-hour set it off cunnilingus.

?“you seriously need a wax…”

?“hush… more circles…”?

“i feel like i'm kissing nietzsche.”

Study after Courbet's L'Origine du monde, 1866, 2008