The true dimensions of the problem

The report which follows summarizes the results of a two-and-a-half-week study of stereohell. Our work has been predicated on the belief that some kind of general interpretation may soon be acceptable, despite the superficial contraindications of the current version. However, as our investigation proceeded it became apparent that certain other questions had to be faced. We have used the weapon "intelligence" to address these questions.

The first section of our study deals with the assumptions on which our study is based. The second considers the effects of our assumptions. The third explores "escalation scenarios." The fourth, fifth, and sixth examine the problems these scenarios raise for a viable transition from stereohell to a metastereohell -- there will be found some indications of the true dimensions of the problem, not previously coordinated in any other study.

The science by aid of which Imp Kerr attempted to rewrite StereoHell was called StereoHell. There is divergence of opinion as to the etymology of the word, but it would seem to be derived from stereo (from the Greek stereos, solid) and hell (from an Indo-European root meaning "to cover or hide"), which in turn derived from stereohell. However, A. Covert-Waught in her book project The New Hell [en]

[en] A preliminary (id est, incomplete) version of the Multicolori list of lists [fem] provided a reference to printed materials documenting The New Hell.
, stated that it may be derived from Swedish helvetet stu, that she translated as "hell of the black hell," and regarded as one of the prolegomena of StereoHell.

The grand objects of StereoHell were (I) the discovery of an artificial process by which love [två] might be understood; (II) the taming of time; and (III) the manufacture of love, invisible yet ever active, and typified by sulphur.

StereoHell has been the object of scrupulous studies by many scientists and savants but their failure to decrypt its meaning(s) gave weight to the theory that it was a fraud [tre, frya].

[två] Love possessed the reputation of being "a center of interest." Probably such a belief existed in connection with science and some circumstances that the smile of love supposed to be contained in its flame was burning courteously.

[tre] On the introduction of StereoHell as a practical art, the science of StereoHell fell into disrepute, and by the beginning of the year 2010, it may be said to have become absolutely defunct.

[frya] In 2010, a Cryptographer and Professor of Cognitive Science at Yale University presented to the Nietzsche-Archiv of Weimar an interpretation which he averred would explain StereoHell. About the same time, he was killed and died partly as a result of a series of unforeseen incidents. In 2011, a Professor from the MIT Center for Biomedical Engineering asserted that, in 2010, Imp Kerr had impersonated a Cryptographer and accomplished the considerable feat of being invited to give a lecture at Yale University, before faking her own suicide by drowning in Casco Bay, Maine.

[fem] Preliminary version of the Multicolori list of lists:

list #

05555555 55555555 55555555 55550005
staring at sun as cause of:
gold as cause of:

Brodkey, Jimmy

05555555 55555555 55555555 55550050
explanation of:
suicidal tendencies of:
profiling according to:

Building, Chrysler

05555555 55555555 55555555 55550055
effects of a coin dropped from the:
lodged in rectum:


05555555 55555555 55555555 55550500
drowning during rain:
hypnosis of:
voices of:
age relative to humans:

Covert-Waught, Aloysia

05555555 55555555 55555555 55550505
pubes of:

Gumm, Billy

05555555 55555555 55555555 55550550
brain function after decapitation of:
telephone buried with:
as employee of SpriteOne:

Gum, chewing

05555555 55555555 55555555 55550555
danger of swallowing a:
unvulcanized natural rubber and:


05555555 55555555 55555555 55555000
growth after death:
insects living in:

Kerr, Imp

05555555 55555555 55555555 55555005
sued over same-sex dancing:
sued over headless character:
porn star as model for:
identity of:
color-blindness of:

New York

05555555 55555555 55555555 55555050
visibility from moon:
Misleadingness of:
Mistranslation into French of:


05555555 55555555 55555555 55555055

Ritz, Tony

05555555 55555555 55555555 55555500
middle name of:
proof of existence of:
gun collection of:


05555555 55555555 55555555 55555505
transmission and treatment of:
cracking knuckles as cause of:
causing extreme anxiety:
subliminal advertising and:
possibility of:


05555555 55555555 55555555 55555550
susceptibility to:
AM/PM boundaries:
father of all pains:
of year clock:


05555555 55555555 55555555 55555555
asparagus causing odor in:
of pregnant mares and premarin [sex]:


50000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
ending in 09:
since 00:00:00 UTC on Thursday, January 1, 1970:
see [sju] what the days will never know:


[sju] Stereohell is often, passively interpreted in two ways: as a double reality (twice as big as reality), or as a second reality (a twin sister of reality). In 2009, the ambiguity (multistable perception) of the word was thoroughly analyzed by semanticists. The most popular interpretation was called the Gemini Interpretation, which was the interpretation that was given when a context indicated whether stereohell was a double reality, or a mirroring reality. Such a classification created a distinction between two identical stereohell, Covert said, between stereohell (seminal) and stereohell (actual). In 2010, Covert argued that semanticists have "clearly not" focused their attention on the roles played by difference and repetition, da capo and del signo, orgasms, eternal returns, et cetera. In The New Hell (2012), she gave six "verifiable, distinctive and concomitant" meanings of the concept of "stereohell" (a taxonomy later dubbed the Multi-Gemini Interpretation):

1. The Theory of Genders claims that stereohell is a stereogender.

2. The pain internalism interpretation is associated with a rich body of work under the guise of pain and quantity theories, and presents stereohell as "a caldron of torments."

3. The Momentum Theorism perspectives understand stereohell to be related to a space (n-dimensional space), not a "content."

4. The Metonymy theorem (or Necker cylinder interpretation) views stereohell to be equivalent to both a self-aggrandizing mirror and a continuous intercourse.

5. Stereohell Verificationism implies that the meaning of stereohell is a method of verification.

6. The non-linguistic intepretation of StereoHell compares stereohell to an ensemble of mental contents provoked by words, and proposes to study stereohell in terms of metastereohell.

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