Protests Flare After Ferguson Decision Fury Boils From Plains to Both Coasts Protests erupt in Ferguson Ferguson burning after grand jury announcement Ferguson Decision Sparks Violence Fires, looting erupt after police officer is not indicted Burning Rage Fires burn in Ferguson, gunshots heard in streets Smoldering City. Ferguson in flames: Officer cleared in teen's shooting death No Indictment: Ferguson inflamed Ferguson Burning Violence flares after grand jury forgoes any charge against officer in Michael Brown shooting Fires, violence and looting in Ferguson after grand jury decision Ferguson erupts: Officer Darren Wilson cleared in Michael Brown shooting death Chaos returns to streets of Ferguson after police officer goes unindicted "Burn This Shit Down" Mayhem and Protests Engulf Ferguson With no indictment, chaos fills streets in Ferguson, Mo.

These are all headlines from major newspapers and news organizations based in the United States. Most of them are illustrated with a picture of something burning.

This is not the only story being told right now, but it is one of the dominant ones. It is a simple story, so simple we can all hear it, and know it, without having to hear it explicitly said.

The story is this: the police are protecting you, and your property, from people who want to burn it all down. The people that want Darren Wilson to be put on trial are the people that want to destroy your property. They are filled with rage. Only the police stand between them and your property. Your property is in danger. The police will protect your property from people that want to burn it. The fire wants to burn your property. Only the police can protect you. Only the police can protect you. Only the police can protect you from the fire that erupts, inflamed.