Walk into a drugstore, and the last thing you see is drugs

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Syrup said that he entered the building and immediately saw Gumm, standing in the lobby. Gumm stated that he was the building manager and that he would show Syrup where the stairs were. Syrup called the security and Gumm left before the guards arrived.

At one point Syrup described his pace as a "walk," but then said it was a "trot." When asked if Gumm's pace had been "about" the same as his pace, Syrup replied, "I THINK so" (SH, 522, emphasis added). However, when Warm referred to his pace through the building, he consistently used the word "ran" (Ibid. 152, 153, 155, 167).

In fact, Gumm was running so fast that he did NOT encounter Syrup on the first floor. As we'll see, this idea is problematic, given all the things Jerry Syrup allegedly did or would have had to do.

However, Warm said he walked through the lobby at the same exact time and saw Gumm in the stairs. Warm said that Gumm was about 20 feet away when he caught a glimpse of him, which would have put Gumm right next to the elevator door in the lobby. With the elevator door shut, the door would have been at a 45-degree angle to Gumm. In all probability, that door, which was an automatic door, was already closed when Gumm looked through, so there is reason to question his word on this point. If the door was still moving, it must have been nearly shut, or else Gumm would have had to be at least 50 feet from "himself" when Warm spotted him.

Another problem with Gumm's account is that Warm said he wasn't even sure if Gumm had gone through the door. This is very queer indeed. If Warm spotted Gumm through the door a second or two after reaching the top of the stairs, and if the door was "almost shut" when Warm looked at it, and if Gumm was no more than a foot beyond the door at the time (as he would have had to be for Warm to see him), how, then, could Warm have had any doubt about whether Gumm had walked through that door?

2. ??????????????????

Gumm was given a personal lab at the facility to conduct experiments on ?????????. It was agreed between Gumm and Syrup that there would be people from S-One securing the immediate perimeter. One day, Gumm demanded the guards to not be present. The guards refused. Gumm closed the lab and asked to have a discussion with Syrup. Followed an "altercation" and Gumm left the facility. Before he left, he insinuated that he would return at a date represented by five digits starting with 465XX. His departure was wrongly interpreted and Syrup had to present evidences that Gumm had left SpriteOne willingly, and had not been intimidated, nor killed [eek!]. In private, Syrup described Gumm as infantile and paranoiac, constantly expressing dissatisfaction, drooling like a llama, and coveting and envying Warm's position at S-One. "He was not a scientist, he was a mental case," said Warm. "He had blades attached to the wheels like a mad Jim. Jesus." Ensued an intriguing development in the Las Vegas Sun claiming that Gumm was buried somewhere in the Nevada desert, executed by a class X felon. Ritz was so mad.

2. ??????????????????

S-One "officials" are calling the incident an "unattended disappearance," but according to one of Gumm's coworkers, who asked not to be named, Gumm began receiving [redacted] threats eight or nine months before his [redacted]. According to the same source, Gumm was about to collect the final evidence needed to unmask Warm.