It’s why the tagline for the 1971 project is “here for the prison rebels, the deviants, and the BRUJAS”

Izzy: The idea for the 1971 line is something I think Ari and I had both separately wanted to do for a long time: figure out how to start a bail fund or something like that. Personally, I think I’ve been inspired by people who run massive scams to do fundraising for prisoners. This is obviously way more “above ground” than anything like legit organized crime but it does feel like a bit of a scam to have the line, and as a result of the line, very intense prisoner organizing, being written about sympathetically in the style section of Hypebeast and Paper Magazine. The creative team Calvin, Robin, Ari and myself looked over a lot material to inspire the actual design: footage from the Attica uprising, stories about queers starting fires inside prisons in Alabama, we reread at IGD posts, Angela Davis essays, and the column that Neal Shirley writes for Mask Magazine. We also wanted to reference Dixie Be Damned and traditions of resistance against slavery that reach back before the Civil War. We tried to directly reference all of those things either in the Kickstarter video, the design on the BRUJAS x 1971 P.E. gear or in the Kickstarter project description.

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