Chris Marker Retrospective @ Light Industry 8/26

As a tribute to Chris Marker, who passed away last month, Light Industry is hosting a free, all-day screening of his films, with introductory remarks and remembrances by Paul Chan, Thomas Keenan, Tom McDonough, Molly Nesbit, Martha Rosler, Jason Simon, and Amy Taubin, among others.


Collaborations with Alain Resnais
Statues Also Die, digital projection, 1953, 30 mins
All the Memory of the World, digital projection, 1955, 22 mins
Introduced by Tom McDonough

Sans soleil, 16mm, 1982, 100 mins
Introduced by Amy Taubin

La Jetée, 16mm, 1962, 28 mins
Introduced by Molly Nesbit

Le Joli mai, digital projection, 1963, 165 mins
Introduced by Jason Simon

A Grin Without a Cat, digital projection, 1977, 180 mins
Introduced by Thomas Keenan

Letter from Siberia, digital projection, 1957, 62 mins
Introduced by Martha Rosler

The Last Bolshevik, digital projection, 1992, 120 mins
Introduced by Paul Chan

The Case of the Grinning Cat, digital projection, 2004, 58 mins

All shows are free. Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Doors open at 9am. Marker's 1997 CD-Rom project Immemory and a selection of materials related to his work—posters, books—will be on view in Light Industry's office before and after screenings.

Sunday, August 26
9am - 1am
Light Industry
155 Freeman Street
Brooklyn, NY