"confronting the federal government to obtain more powers and stop Ottawa’s intrusion"

“Sovereignist governance means ending encroachment by the federal government, making Quebec more efficient, insisting on the respect of whatever sovereignty Quebec already has [in various jurisdictions] and increasing the powers of the National Assembly,” Mr. Cloutier said. “We will stand up to Ottawa on the various issues that divide us.”

There is certainly no shortage of complaints on the PQ’s list against the Conservative government in Ottawa. From recent changes to employment insurance that critics argue will play havoc with seasonal workers – 40 per cent of seasonal workers in Canada work in Quebec – to federal funding for a major hydro-electricity project in Newfoundland and Labrador, abolition of the long-gun registry and even foreign aid, the PQ government believes it has enough political ammunition to launch its offensive against Ottawa.

The strategy, which amounts to achieving more autonomy for Quebec within Canada, will be unveiled “soon,” Mr. Cloutier said, refusing to say how his government intends to wrestle the new powers away from Ottawa.

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