"contact and communication and so-called sharing, but at a desk of savagery"

The opportunity had arrived for the nation to finally prove, in the most quantifiable manner possible, that it had shucked its barbaric racial reservations aside and that it was now able to judge men on quality alone. And what a sweet release, what a sweet political orgasm it was that erupted on the November streets as we found ourselves leaping over the brink of newness and ... change. Those old black-and-white lynchings had finally given way to black cool and sophistication — made all the more enticing because it could be observed in HD. The nation was suddenly galvanized, the world became like one swooning mass of humanity and the galaxy itself seemed to pulsate in cosmic celebration of this turning of the tide. All of this before the closing of the first decade of the new millennium!

And then a bullet zipped out of the chamber and pierced the lung of Oscar Grant.

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