Conversations at Brazenhead: Jerome Charyn

Jerome Charyn and Michael Seidenberg in conversation at Brazenhead Books.

Introduction by Jonathan Lethem.

Part 1:

[audio:|titles=Conversations at Brazenhead: Jerome Charyn Part 1]

Part 2:

[audio:|titles=Conversations at Brazenhead: Jerome Charyn, Part 2 ]

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When the New Inquiry first told me that Jerome Charyn was coming to visit Brazenhead Books, I was thrilled. But I was not too happy with the next thing they said: “We’re gonna do a podcast.”  My immediate Luddite thought was that a tape recorder would stifle our conversation, so I’ll just distract them from ever turning it on. But I was the distracted one, not realizing the tape recorder was already turned on, and we slid right into it. The conversation took off and landed two hours later.

I’m very happy with our exchange, and we seemed to cover a lot, but with a mind and talent as diverse as Charyn’s, there are always more questions. I hope you enjoy what small part of his brain we mined.

Full disclosure: not only is Jerome Charyn one of my personal favorites, but I believe the depth of his knowledge, the scope of his writing, and the beauty and humor of his voice make him one of our greatest and most valuable writers.

I feel so lucky to have had the chance to have this conversation and so proud to present it here to New Inquiry readers and now listeners. This is only the first of many “Conversations at Brazenhead” that i hope to share here in the future.