Dicks Mixtape

To me a mix is still a fairly personal thing you make for someone—like building yourselves a tender anxious little room. Like holding space in a mean jangling city. The best mixes are childish and hopeful.  Runways, runaways. They’ll reach for you in the middle of the night.

Bernadette Mayer writes “So what who cares songs of one and / Experience of this is a case like / Whole and I am not from there I write / To you.” Sure my classrooms and my environments are cases “like / Whole” (hopefully whole) and so demand new faces, different entrances, distance of a certain kind, but if I’m making you a SEX AND POWER mix (which I did!) it’s going to be personal. Otherwise, what’s the point? “songs of one and/ Experience” are better than William Blake, sometimes. That said, don’t be boring and assume this is just about making out, not (for example) cities. I never feel more powerful than when I’m walking home alone by the river at night.

Anyway, this mix is something for you to loop that next morning while you walk, towards away or home, through gold October leaves. I won’t write too much about these songs because I’d rather you just listened first. I still believe doing that can change your whole life.

Dicks Mix by Thenewinquiry on Mixcloud


  1. Men Urinating, Laughter – Men’s Recovery Project
  2. Chemical Factory – Old Time Relijun
  3. Tax Dollar – Erase Errata
  4. Find Your Way – Ann Steel and Roberto Cacciapaglia
  5. Second Chances – Dick Hugo, read by Mairead Case
  6. Love and Space – Akron/Family
  7. Gone B4 Yr Home – Le Tigre
  8. Your Love – Frankie Knuckles
  9. The Sun Is Down! – Plastic Ono Band
  10. Age of Consent – New Order
  11. Come On Up to the House – Tom Waits
  12. Give ‘Er – Peaches
  13. I’m Not In Love – Talking Heads
  14. Ghost Rider – Suicide
  15. Gwan a School – Sister Nancy
  16. Something About Us – Daft Punk
  17. Sheela Na Gig – P.J. Harvey
  18. Be Your Boyfriend – The Ramones
  19. Creeper – Baptist Generals
  20. Nineteen – Tegan and Sara
  21. Phranc - Lifelover
  22. Flirted with You All My Life – Vic Chesnutt
  23. Take the Skinheads Bowling – Camper Van Beethoven
  24. Free Money – Patti Smith
  25. Cast Iron Arm – Peanuts Wilson
  26. In Spite of Ourselves – Prine and DeMent
  27. Lord Let It Rain on Me – Spiritualized
  28. Uh Oh Plutonium – Anne Waldman
  29. The Origin of Love (reprise) – Jonathan Richman
  30. Do You Believe in Rapture? – Sonic Youth