Echoes of Ghadar @ Pace U 10/25-27

The convergence aims to revive the often forgotten history of the Ghadar movement, through: a celebration of music, films, and conversations among grassroots activists from South Asia and the U.S.. These activities will provide grassroots activists with a unique opportunity to learn from the history of the Ghadar movement, and envision new ways to build transnational solidarity.

Events and activities will include the following:

  • Dialogue sessions will build important linkages between movements in South Asia with the US-based left movements. Speakers will include around speakers from South Asia who will share their work with each other as well as other U.S.-based activists working on similar issues;

  • Poetry, visual art exhibitions and musical events with an aim to revive the rich cultural legacy of the Ghadar Party;

  • Launch of the annual Kateesh-Balagopal Memorial Panel – an event that we plan to conduct every year in New York City to commemorate the lives of two civil rights activists;

Oct. 25-27
Pace University
Free (tickets)
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