Enemies of the People

The point of all things should be their dissolution

“tl;dr: you don't need or want
the people who you know
aren't 'with you' to be
with you. really, you don't”
—Wendy Trevino, "Revolutionary Letter"

All the below and the ruling class they serve:

Grifters and Entrepreneurs

Petit bourgeois “cultural workers,” “activists,” “creatives,” and other woke office workers with managerial aspirations

The aestheticizing of politics, and other fashy tendencies of wokeness

The politics of appearances

People who invoke “boundaries,” “capacity,” “self-care” and other neoliberal catchwords to dip out of the work of caring for each other


Cultish followers

The scene


Placing figures and thinkers on a pedestal

Wannabe martyrs

The politics of guilt

Diversity and inclusion initiative leaders

People who don’t know the meaning of mutual aid

Organizations that siphon funds and revolutionary potentials

When NYPD won’t suck my dick

Campaign Zero
Eight Can’t Wait

Blue vests

Beret-brandishing brand ambassadors

Israel, the Israeli defense forces, and the zionists who love them


Mayors, Governors, Attorney Generals, and Presidents

The United States of America and its armed forces

American patriots


Imperial wars and how they always come home

The macarena dance, unfortunately

Philly DSA



Progressives and gradualists

Progressive politicians who promote mutual aid when they should be giving you the $$$$$ looted by the ruling class

Self-proclaimed movement leaders

Authoritarian anarchists

White ladies who love their dogs too much

White people obsessed with their credit score

Gentrifying households in black neighborhoods with BLM yard signs


Property defenders, property flippers, and property in general

Every politician who signs off on police budgets

Every parasitic inflated police budget

Every kneeling cop

NYPD “challenge coin” collectors

Civilian review boards

The Police Benevolent Association

Fidelis ad mortem


Predictive policing and its programmers

Proponents of private policing

The Independent Commission on New York City Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform

“Justice Hubs” designers

New York City Action Lab

Border patrol, border checkpoints, and borders

New Mexico civil guard and right-wing militias

Sovereign Citizens

Red Scare

White people podcasts

The New York Times

Vox media


Pundits and critics

Post-Occupy intellectuals

Parasitic academics

Lin Manuel Miranda

Joanne K. Rowling

Risk assessment and reputation managers

The mural on your favorite brand’s boarded up business

Your favorite brand’s BLM statement

Universities and museums’ BLM statements

All institutions’ hollow statements

The Wing, WeWork and all other coworking businesses

Instagram stories

People cheering from luxury condos

Dads of the state who implement curfews

Emergency powers

Detractors and Distractors