Evan Calder Williams and Maryam Monalisa Gharavi Read Letters @ Unnameable Books

Saturday, December 1st at 7 PM, TNI bloggers Evan Calder Williams (Socialism and/or Barbarism) and Maryam Monalisa Gharavi (South/South) will read letters at Unnameable Books (600 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn)

The letters will address the point of contact between epistles and history. They are to and from various sources: Surrealists, fictional assassins, comrades, Kafka, ourselves, enemies, cities that do not exist, men in power, each other. Evan is the author of Roman Letters (Oslo Editions), and Monalisa is in the midst of a series of postal entries on South/South.

Sat., Dec. 1
Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY
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