"five, possibly seven, sections, under the title THEATRE--THEATRE?"

He had lost his watch, said the man.

'Ever since I lost my watch, I'm forced to address people from time to time.'

He laughed.

'If I hadn't lost my watch, I would not have addressed you,' he said, 'addressed no one.'

He found the observation itself extremely interesting, said the man, that he, after I had told him that it was eight o'clock, now knew, that it was eight o'clock and that today he had, for eleven hours uninterruptedly--'without interruption,' he said--been walking with a single thought, 'not up and down,' he said, but 'always straight ahead, yet as I now see,' he said, 'always in a circle. Crazy isn't it?'

I saw that the man was wearing women's shoes, and the man saw that I had seen that he was wearing women's shoes.

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