Geek Love, 4/1

Join The New Inquiry and a host of editors, publishers, and publicists for an April Fools Day Lit Crawl at the PowerHouse Arena. “Lit Crawl NYC: Geek Love”, co-hosted by Emma Straub (Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures) & Teddy Wayne (The Love Song of Jonny Valentine), brings together New York’s biggest bookworms for a night of drinks, book related trivia, and prizes. All are welcome.

“Lit Crawl NYC: Geek Love” runs from 7:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M, and the $15 admission price includes one drink and $5 credit at the powerHouse store.

Buy tickets and RSVP here. 

If you want to get an early start before Monday’s event, tweet your best book titles now using the #geeklovetitles (“David Copped a Feel” is the reigning champion). The best book titles win gift certificates and other rewards. Proceeds from “Geek Love” will benefit Lit Crawl NYC.



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