Get Ready for the Marvelous: Black Surrealism @ NYU 2/8-9


The Performa Institute and NYU Steinhardt are pleased to present Get Ready for the Marvelous: Black Surrealism in Dakar, Fort-de-France, Havana, Johannesburg, New York City, Paris, Port-au-Prince, 1932-2013, a groundbreaking conference exploring historical Surrealism in the African Diaspora and its relevance to contemporary art.  The conference is a platform to elaborate on the group of international black artists who were directly or tangentially involved in Surrealism, engaging with it as an ideology, artistic movement, and a state of mind—a way of being in the world—and their influence on contemporary art and culture throughout the African Diaspora.

Friday - Saturday, Feb. 8-9
NYU Steinhardt
Einstein Auditorium, Barney Building, 34 Stuyvesant Street
New York, NY
Free with RSVP