"Have you ever seen anybody die?"

GIGANTIC: Okay, well, one of the things you asked us in class was how we, as writers, would sever ourselves from "the noise"—all these things around us, television, being a part of that "noise," right?

LISH: Yes.

GIGANTIC: So do you think that is any more difficult now—

LISH: I think we should, if we are determined to project our own noise louder than the noise around us. It is necessary to attempt some kind of severance between ourselves and the noise that is everywhere thus. Is that doable? I don't know that it is doable, but one makes the effort. We have to first be cocky enough; we have to first be solipsistic enough, to believe that our noise, the noise we hope to project, is the noise worth hearing.

GIGANTIC: How does one move to that point?

LISH: Arrogance. Desire. Need. Wanting. Will.

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