"I don't recall ever using the term 'meat' at all"

Some were shocked that Bloomberg, with his endorsements for President Obama and progressive stances on gun control, seems to have a mean streak of misogyny coursing just underneath his billion-dollar bankroll and diminutive size. Not shocked was anyone who's worked around Bloomberg for any significant amount of time. Those are the people who know the Independent mayor's other side, the one forged in the cutthroat, chest-thumping world of Wall Street, where Bloomberg made his billions and sat atop a company that—allegedly—encouraged female employees to wear short skirts and "fuck-me shoes."

Here is a rundown of some of the more notable allegations of sexism leveled against Michael Bloomberg throughout his career. As you'll see, "look at the ass on her" appears to be merely the tip of the anti-woman obnoxiousness.

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