If You Are Lucky Enough To Be In LA...

Special Appearance at the Nuart Theatre (Los Angeles, CA):

Genesis P-Orridge will appear in person with director Marie Losier on Saturday, April 14 for Q&As after the 7:30pm and 9:30pm shows.

Genesis P-Orridge, a celebrated progenitor of "industrial music" (from Throbbing Gristle in the '70s to current cult favorites Psychic TV) has been one of the most innovative and influential figures in music and fine art for the last 30 years. But more recently, defying artistic boundaries, Genesis has re-defined his art as a challenge to the limits of biology. In 2000, Genesis began a series of sex reassignment surgeries in order to more closely resemble his love, Lady Jaye (née Jacqueline Breyer), who remained his wife and artistic partner for nearly 15 years. The ultimate act of devotion, his most risky, ambitious, and subversive performance to date, Genesis called this project "Creating the Pandrogyne," an attempt to deconstruct two individual identities through the creation of an indivisible third. This is a love story, and a portrait of two lives that illustrate the transformative powers of both love and art.

More about the filmmaker and the film here: Marie Losier