"Inhuman mofos...K.I.L.L. LAPD!"

The law is rarely kind to sex workers. A Texas jury recently acquitted a man of murder who said he didn't "intend" to shoot and kill a prostitute. Two narcotics officers in the Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department — yep, the same department that employs the cops who "helped" Masterson — are currently under investigation for allegedly using their badges to lure women into unmarked cars and force them to perform sex acts. A commenter on our post on the subject wrote that she, too, was sexually assaulted by an LAPD cop years ago; she claims he "groped my entire body under my underclothes and inserted his fingers into my vagina" before confiscating some cigarettes that didn't have tax stamps. "Until LAPD treats this as a systemic issue instead of a case of 'bad apples,' LAPD will continue to have a rape problem," she wrote.

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