"injecting a Silicon Valley executive with a lethal dose of heroin"

People at the Santa Cruz Harbor thought Hayes' death was caused by a suicidal overdose until the details of this case emerged.

Sailing instructor Max Murray said Hayes' yacht was "a really big, nice boat. It's a nice power boat. It was a very nice power boat."

People at the harbor only knew the owner of the luxury yacht, "The Escape," died onboard from an overdose last November. However on Tuesday the real story emerged.

Santa Cruz Police Dep. Chief Steve Clark said, "We eventually uncovered the video that was available."

Police say they watched surveillance video of Hayes, the former senior director of Apple's worldwide operations, as he was injected with heroin supplied and administered by Tichleman.

Hayes was working on "Google X" at the time of his death. Police say Tichelman never tried to help him or call 911.

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