Inside the Movies

Interiors is an online journal, published on the 15th of each month, in which films are analyzed and diagrammed in terms of space. Interiors focuses on how space is used throughout a particular scene and how the architecture of the film impacts its narratives and characters. Check them out at FacebookTwitterEtsyand download the magazine at Issuu
Every month, the two-man team Mehruss Jon Ahi and Armen Karaoghlanian produce and release an online magazine devoted to the spatial dynamics of a single film. Each issue includes an essay and at least one graphic detailing a scene from a classic or contemporary movie. Their sharp analysis and illustration have attracted praise from the architecture, design, and film blogs, and we’re proud to start partnering with Interiors to preview their releases. We start today, with Vol. 8 on Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation, and images from the past issues. To read the magazines (for free), click the quotes in the margins. Click the images for larger versions. And stay tuned next month.



Interiors – The Shining

The audience is immediately presented with this space is detached from civilization; there are only a handful of scenes that take place outside of the walls over the hotel. It’s within this controlled space that Kubrick sets his film....

Interiors – A Single Man

A Single Man starts and ends inside George’s house, and much of the film is set within the interior spaces. The house is a John Lautner home, the Schaffer Residence, which was designed in 1949 for the parents of an assistant...