"Kayla from Bleed the Pigs is too aggressive and angry"

The eye-rolling irony that I'm still cast aside as the Angry Black Woman in a scene that is made up of nothing but angry, pissed off, cast aside white men who sometimes use my own struggles for their own benefit isn't lost on me. People are wary of that which they do not know, and one of those things is an unapologetic Black girl voicing herself. So, yes, I'm angry as fuck about a lot of things. I carry it with me just to survive sometimes. You absolutely don't have to like the music I make, or what I sing about, but if you find yourself upset by my level of anger, and not the white guy saying something similar, I'm not going to be complacent and sugarcoat my frustration for you. It's unfortunate that my seemingly like-minded peers can't find it in themselves to actually look at the reasons why race continues to play a part in our daily lives due to its disproportionate presence and history, instead of trying to be louder than the ones affected by it.

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