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Editors' Note

1. There is no such thing as fun.

2. Fun is a code word for work.

3. The pursuit of fun is intrinsically joyless.

4. Fun is the laugh track on despairing life under the conditions of real subsumption.

5. Under capitalism, fun can only ever be at someone else’s expense.

6. Leisure is the negative image of fun in a totally administered society.

7. Fun is where all the divisions of society justify and reproduce themselves without guilt.

8. The imperative to have fun is the imperative to optimize yourself; it’s a cost-free speedup for capital.

9. Fun is given to those who already have the security to play.

10. Leisure activity works hand in hand with repression.

11.The first real appearance of fun in history will be the revolution itself.

12. I’m actually having a great time.

13. Fun isn’t free, and freedom isn’t fun.

14. The war on fun will be fought abroad.

15. You have fun with the Army you have. They’re not the Army you might want or wish to have at a later time.

16. Fun is a wasteland where desire goes to die.

17. Pleasure is greater than fun.

18. After the revolution, fun will have you.

19. It’s all fun and games because somebody gets hurt.

20. Stop the militarization of the fun police.