Nietzsche Is Our Valentine

image by imp kerr

This February 14, The New Inquiry is sending our love to a certain mustachioed Teutonic superman. Whether he’s writing his own mythology, tracing conceptual genealogies, or picking fights with deities, our love is eternally recurrent. In his honor, we have two reviews of books about his work:

Superman/Everyman” – By ROGER BELLIN on Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen’s American Nietzsche 


Reading Like a Loser” – By DAVID WINTERS on Malcolm Bull’s Anti-Nietzsche


Reading Like a Loser

Sometimes it’s said that we’re all Nietzscheans now. From cultural studies to continental philosophy, Nietzsche's ideas aren’t so much studied as presupposed; they’re part of the deep grammar of those disciplines, part of the furniture. These days, disquieting Nietzschean insights like, say, perspectivism (the idea that there are no facts, only interpretations) have come to seem commonplace.

The Last Cat

Where Zarathustra defined the letzte mensch as the man so despicable he is incapable of despising himself, the lolcat is incapable of despising his master. Lo! I show you the age of the last cat.