Police Mortality


In honor of the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, our friends in the Anti-Banality Union (they made Unclear Holocaust) have allowed us to post a trailer for their upcoming "film," Police Mortality. In their words,

Police Mortality is Anti-Banality's latest wish-fulfillment symptomology of, as one character hallucinates it, "a precisely formulated national conspiracy of police genocide." Imprecise, ill-formulated, universal, and spontaneous, this feature-length detournement is a paranoid-schizophrenic blitz against police subjectivity, skimmed off nearly 200 movies by that other social superego--Hollywood. The second film in the epistemological survey begun with Unclear Holocaust, Police Mortality is slated for completion in December.

In this opening scene, the immaculate suicide of one LAPD officer begins to reveal the contradictions of police existence to a force which, finding itself multiply irreconcilable with itself, resorts to terminal civil war, eradicating the prevailing organization of life in the process.

"The most beautiful sculpture is a paving stone thrown at a cop's head," -?!