Sci-Fi Crime Drama With A Strong Black Lead

The practice of rendering appearance from forensic samples is called “Forensic DNA Phenotyping” (FDP) or “molecular photofitting,” and there are a handful of scientists and companies around the world trying to make this not only scientifically possible, but also a useful law enforcement tool. FDP has already been used to create a new kind of police sketch.

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This Week in Art Crime

A vigilante white-washes a famous piece of street art; A professor is ejected for crowd-surfing at a classical recital; ARCA (the Association for Research into Crimes against Art) held its annual Art Crime conference in Central Italy

Fake Painting

If you’re a down-and-out artist and you’re of a certain socio-psychological bent, the idea of going to a minimum security prison for a year or two in exchange for being a world-famous artist might not sound like a bad tradeoff...