Queens Live @ The Kitchen

The New Inquiry presents a live version of issue no. 29, Queens. The evening includes presentations and performances by Alexis Blair Penney, Sarah Nicole Prickett, Derica Shields, and Hannah Black. Jarvis Derrell, aka shehashadit, will serve as master of ceremonies.
Participants, in order of appearance

Jarvis Derrell is a lover of fried chicken, bottom, fierce bitch, and the creator of shehashadit.tumblr.com

Kartik Nair is doctoral candidate in Cinema Studies at New York University, where he is writing a dissertation on low-budget horror films in 1980s India. Kartik is an Associate Editor for Bio-Scope, a journal dedicated to South Asian Screen Studies.

Derica Shields is a writer and editor from London. She has studied in Rio de Janeiro, Cambridge and Ithaca, and currently lives in New York.

Hannah Black holds an MFA in Art Writing at Goldsmiths and recently completed the Whitney Independent Study Program. Her recent work across video, text and performance draws on communist, feminist, and afropessimist theory, autobiographical fragments, and pop music as a collective imaginary. She is a contributing editor at The New Inquiry.

Sarah Nicole Prickett is a woman writing in New York. Her stuff appears (or has appeared) inArtforumBullettDazedThe HairpinHazlittFashionThe Globe & Mailn+1Style.comT MagazineVICE, and elsewhere. She is a contributing editor at The New Inquiry.

Alexis Blair Penney is a New York City-based artist, musician, writer and witch. Penney founded, lives and works with the artist collective Chez Deep and is currently working on the follow-ups to theWindow cycle, her debut record and novel, respectively available from Ecstasy Records and Peradam Press.


Monday, June 16th
The Kitchen
512 W 19th St