"'Rampaging young people' evokes the trauma of the Cultural Revolution"

The China-occupy model spread with successful actions against the township government of Shifang in Sichuan province over a copper smelting project and, most recently, in the seaside Jiangsu town of Qidong, where locals stormed the township government building to stop a wastewater pipeline.

A most interesting and important element of the Shifang and Qidong actions is the prominence of a confrontational vanguard of young people - high school students and twenty-somethings (collectively known as "after 80s" and "after 90s" for their birth years) who appear quite happy to mix it up violently with the cops and cadres.

It appears that a new generation is less interested in recapitulating the experience of 1989 and the Tiananmen Square protests than redefining it, or even discarding it.

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