"rebellions in the last years have jumped leaps and bounds past the established ideas"

The self-organization within various POC-led rebellions in the last years have jumped leaps and bounds past the established ideas about what it means to resist race and victimization. People have found each other in unusual ways that are not the product of some kind of organizer meeting. They have resisted any idea, whether from the police or the liberal-left that they are complacent, passive. This self-organization not only scares police (who are quickly gearing up to prepare for future insurrections), but also many of those who talk of themselves as leaders, activists or grassroots political organizers in the realm of race politics.

The dynamic has challenged the common view that people are merely downtrodden and need a leader to galvanize them, that they are afraid to resist unless they feel safe. People have taken to attacking the institutions that seek to make them into just another “black body” to be protested and hash-tagged for when found dead by activists. They’ve confronted white power which makes them socially dead even when physically alive and attacked the concrete manifestations of capitalism and the police, refusing pleas to go home by both police and political managers.

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