Secret Admirer #4 @ Harbor Gallery 11/7

Secret Admirer is a reading with a mystery curator whose name is revealed at the end.

This edition features readers Malcolm Harris, Sarah Nicole Prickett, Leon Chang, Jacob Bakkila and Daniel Kolitz. It takes place Thursday, November 7 at 8pm in the Harbor Gallery, 17-17 Troutman #258, Ridgewood, Queens, NY. Near the Jefferson L stop.

Malcolm Harris is an editor at The New Inquiry and a writer in Brooklyn. He will be reading about his deeply personal, lifelong relationship with candy.

Sarah Nicole Prickett is a woman writing in New York. Her stuff appears in Artforum, The Aesthete, Bullett, The Hairpin, Hazlitt, Fashion Magazine, the Globe & Mail, n+1, T Magazine, VICE, and more. She is a contributing editor at The New Inquiry. Sarah is also the founding editor of Adult, a new triannual print magazine dealing in various erotics. She will read in tongues and speak in sexts.

Leon Chang (@leyawn) is a content creator who has created content for BuzzFeed, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and other various media. People love to click and view his insanely good content. He will be reading an excerpt from some of his latest fan fiction.

Jacob Bakkila is a video and conceptual artist and part of the art collective Synydyne. His installation Horse_ebooks was him performing as a spambot on the social network Twitter, manually posting a truncated spam message once roughly every 120 minutes for over two years. This installation culminated with a performance piece, Horse_ebooks 2, where he, along with artist Tom Bender and journalist Susan Orlean, answered telephones by reading spam fragments to anyone who called for 11 consecutive hours. He will be reading some new short fiction.

Daniel Kolitz runs a tumblog called The Printed Internet.

Thursday, Nov 7
8 pm
Harbor Gallery
17-17 Troutman #258
Queens, New York
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