Spring Break Forever

Presenting The New Inquiry's first free supplement, a pdf collection of eight critical essays on Harmony Korine's Disneyland dystopia Spring Breakers

Download Spring Break Forever here.

No Carries, no Samanthas, no Charlottes, no Mirandas
Sarah Nicole Prickett

Bikini, Kill
Don't hate the slayer, hate the game
Ayesha A. Siddiqi

Booty Camp
A former KIDS kid laments bad girl banality
Elizabeth Greenwood

The Real Beach Lives of Miami
A young boy’s depraved journey into the heart of heterosexuality
Cord Jefferson

High as Finance
All this coke and no credit card in sight
Shane Boyle and Joshua Clover

This is 40?
Harmony Korine is pretty rad for a white dad
Brandon Harris

Kids in the Haul
From Nazi Austria to late capitalist Florida, a list of the shit we list
Durga Chew-Bose

Fort Slaughterdale
Korine holds our legs for cinema’s final keg stand
Alexander Benaim