"subordinates recognize their bosses in a photo array before they recognize themselves"

Bipolar women have complicated pregnancies, child prodigies are sort of autistic, subordinates recognize their bosses in a photo array before they recognize themselves, and people can lip-read more easily if the lips they read are their own. The risk of knee osteoarthritis increases if one is a black woman or a white man who drinks soda or an Australian child who does not exercise much. Mayo Clinic doctors found that knee-?replacement surgery benefits the poor more than it does the rich, and Hospital for Special Surgery doctors found that it causes the poorly educated more pain than it does the obese. A third of male Londoners suffer from penis blindness. A Suffolk police constable pleaded guilty to possession of Schedule 1 bird eggs, including those of marsh harriers, nightjars, and warblers. Coded messages were found in a capsule attached to the skeleton of a World War II carrier pigeon in a Bletchingly chimney. Shropshire badgers were being shot, then dumped by the road to make it look like an accident. Staff at Exmoor Zoo near Barnstaple deployed donated police riot shields against aggressive cranes. Authorities in Gaza captured an escaped crocodile who had been living in the sewers and eating local ducks and goats. “He had a lot of spirit in him,” said police lieutenant colonel Samih al-Sultan. “He wanted to be free.”

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