Sunday Reading

Art from Christian Bowe.

ReclaimUC. I bond with RUC over data dumps.

Highlights include: "Never waste a crisis." –Jamshed Bharucha, President of Cooper Union (p. 10); "There were unconscionable things done by leaders in the financial world—no offense to anybody in this room." –President Bharucha to trustees (p. 38); "The downside from saying anything is vastly greater than any upside." (p. 22); "Do we have a shredder in the room?" (p. 25)

"[F]aculty are far more complicit"
Cooper Union's shameless trustees
A secret transcript of one of their meetings.
Standardized tests about standardized tests
Common sense on the Chicago school closings
No, the Baumol effect is not the cause of price increases 
MOOC professors claim no responsibility for how 
How British elites are trained to think
Why austerity kills (video)
Networks and undead institutions (audio)
The new newest left and the organization of sadness

Bint Battuta Watches the internet like a hawk. Her claws are sharp, but precise.
The most fantastic element of the show is not that ponies can talk or that dragons exist; it is the illusion that an egalitarian society can be maintained among groups with massive biologically inherent gaps in ability and economic utility.

Ethnicity in the Early Abbasid Period
Were British Sailors Really British?
The Russian Jew, an Azerbaijani prince
Arab Idol and Policing Identities
"This Place Should Have Been Iran"
"Obscurity didn’t hinder Omar Souleyman"
The cockerel-fighter from Punjab
Cairo's working-class belly dancers
In Our Time on Claude Lévi-Strauss
Goa's young "anti-India" radicals
The Curious Case of Modernity and Plastic Bags
Indian Companies “Land Grabbing” in Africa?
Tony Palmer's 1983 film about Wagner
The Political Economy of 'My Little Pony'
What kind of Asian are you?

T.F. Charlton. Will not have have RT nonsense in her mentions.
"They didn't read me any rights. They arrested me after sitting in the office for a couple minutes. They handcuffed me. It cut my wrist, and really hurt sitting on my hands behind my back."

The Racial Politics of Atheism
(And an excerpt from the new book by the author)
What our perceptions of Beyoncé's feminism say about us?
Racism Is at Play in Immigrant's Poor Health Outcomes
T.R.M. Howard: When a Black abortion provider was featured on the cover of JET magazine
Young, Depressed, and Of Color
A science experiment gone wrong doesn't make me a criminal
Exercise and Depression
Intersex surgeries and the limits of certainty
Feminism for only some women, some of the time?
"...a real sense of not just disgust, but a poisonous, malignant contempt."

Kerim Spells America backwards.
The Common Folk Are All Helpless and Incompetent. Only Raw Talent and Wealth Make Someone Fit to Be in Charge. The Only Thing Preventing Justice Is This "Due Process" Bullshit. Violence Has No Possible Negative Consequences... as Long as the Right People Do It.  "Screw the Underdog, Root for the Rich Kid!"

Kitabet.  Causes earthquakes by doing this.
Prior to the 17th century, coffee was only found in the Ottoman world, and to a lesser extent, Iran. It was exactly around the middle of the 17th century that coffee and coffee houses began spreading to Europe. Fifty years later, coffee houses were present almost everywhere in Europe, and this too brought about a similar kind of change in public socializing.

Bureaucratics: A Global Portrait of Red Tape
“disappeared like someone running into the woods.”
Why Aren’t There More Storm Cellars in Oklahoma?
"when a car bomb explodes in a market in a border town.”
“How Black the Story of Coffee, How Bitter the Tale of Love”
Central Asia, with delightfully outlandish captions by
“I don’t want to be a mascot. Neither, I suspect..."
Screw You Sideways, Vice Magazine
"...that sets out to trace the secret history of the Middle East.”
Letter from Delhi: A Bookstore of Safety
Formerly Incarcerated Off Food Benefits
Mike Kennedy on photography and ethnography
“What, exactly, does a post-purity sexual ethic look like?”
An Indigenous Map of America
read a map of the San Andreas Fault like a musical score

Jacob Remes. No, I do NOT know that I'm setting myself up for crushing disappointment.

There's no silver bullet to end military rape.

Two days after the conviction was announced (and after it made headlines around the world), and buried deep in the digest section of Sunday’s print international section were a total of 73 words dedicated to what it said human rights activists called “a historic moment” in Guatemala.

Architecture, xenophobia, inequality, and riots in Sweden.
Bhaskar Sunkara sings Love Me, I'm a Liberal
"custodians, cooks, administrative assistants, and students"
“When so many political debates seem to unfold 'fact-free?'”
Reflections on a year of translating the Printemps Érable.
What it means to imagine a fake Rob Ford crack video.
"the right to know which person knitted your sweater."
How counterterrorism units were used to suppress Occupy.
Seventy-three whole words on a "historic moment."
When beavers were fish.

Frank Pasquale. Caramel-Colored Rubbing Alcohol Sold as Scotch.
"Washington hospitals are rationing, hoarding, and bartering critical nutrients premature babies and other patients need to survive. Doctors are reporting conditions normally seen only in developing countries, and there have been deaths."

“the top 1% of Americansowned 35% of all stock
Compliance in a realm of lawlessness; the nowhere company exacerbates global poverty.
How the superrich get superduper rich; another IRS scandal.
How the bankers stay out of jail.
How dissent got treated like terror [foreshadowed here].
Journalism will die unless...
Golden fetters; South African mines becoming ungovernable.
The financialization of art and accumulation.
Just stay home, and don't have kids.
Fourth Amendment history lesson.
"Social Welfare" bizarrerie; an awesome investment.
The People's Terms of Service.
"to short Facebook stock on day one."