Sunday Reading

SECTION 1. The New Inquiry finds and declares all of the following: In recent years, the internet's public institutions have faced skyrocketing demand at a time when they lack capacity to provide readers with access to necessary for program completion and success. In the 2012-13 academic year, 85 percent reported having waiting lists for their 2012 sections, with an average of more than 7000. With rapidly developing innovation in online course delivery models, the internet's public institutions have a unique opportunity to meet critical demands by providing students with access to high-quality, alternative, online pathways to successfully complete and obtain. The internet could significantly benefit from a statutorily enacted, quality-first framework. While providing easy access, these systems could also continually assess the value and the rates in utilizing alternative online pathways.

One does not simply Theorize the Web.
nathan jurgenson:

Bint Battuta:

When Bint Battuta links to something, it stays linked to.


Every so often Kitabet thinks she feels the building she's in tremble, and she tells herself it's just her research topic going to her head again.

Who will watch the watchers? I don't know, but Frank is already drawing a bead on the watchers watching them.
Frank Pasquale:

At a certain point, though, it does get tempting to just leave the stupid thing in the thing in the lost and found box. You want it? You can have it. Tired of reclaiming it.

Grace's theatrics triumph in the end, keep the focus on the political and theological, off the personal and spiritual.
T. F. Charlton:

Beingtherewith taught Chuck Norris how to do roundhouse kicks. But he never learned how to do it properly.
L. E. Long:

Jacob Remes:

Jacob always puts an orange on the sedar plate. The real one, though, not the compromised second draft.

Kerim Friedman:

Oh, that's how you do it? Interesting. The more efficient way that Kerim does it is already waiting in your inbox.