Sunday Reading


Sometimes, you gotta bring the earthquake to California.


The family that primitive accumulates together, stays together.


Please Don’t Beat Me, Sir! Is now available online and as a DRM-free download from Vimeo OnDemand

L.E. Long:

Beingtherewith, in USA is recognized as the ultimate in taste.

Bint Battuta:

For centuries, the countries, economies and peoples of the Indian Ocean were bound together in an informal, cooperative economic community. Today they're bound together by Bint Battuta.

Jacob Remes:

If you want understand the difference between midcentury technocracy and neoliberal technocracy, see here.

nathan jurgenson:

You know what else has infiltrated the most fundamental aspects of your life, your social organization, your  body, even your self-concepts? No, really, do you? I'm curious.