Sunday Reading


Kerim Friedman:

Every day is a Cowboy Bebop episode.

T.F. Charlton:

If you only knew what her full wingspan is.

All things sports:

Reclaim UC:

Bees over dolphins, no question.

Bint Battuta:

The boss comes to us and says, 'Bint Battuta needs pirates.'

nathan jurgenson

I find that facebook on a steam-powered terminal is somewhere more authentically artificial.

Frank Pasquale:

Frank concurs with your opinion, but you'll need the following 45 links to make your point more clearly.

Why every penny you've allocated to NPR should go to The New Inquiry edition:

And now back to regular programming:

Jacob Remes:

These five links are the only ones that survived a rigorous combine-style workout.

L.E. Long:

Beware of young girls.