Sunday Reading


At the prospect of the document dump, not the goat.


Lives in a country full of people named after Tamerlane


The urban version of Dove soap should be called "Pigeon"

Jacob Remes:

Not Canadian.

Frank Pasquale:

Knows where all the black boxes are.

OCC foreclosure investigation as fraud: "no matter how bad you think it is, it’s worse."

  1. Barmy plan for distributing peanuts.
  2. Embarrassing payout amounts set.
  3. Failure to supervise.
  4. Coverup emerges.
  5. The decision not to find harm.
  6. Won't correct wrong addresses.
  7. 2 year wait for checks for trivial restitution amount; they end up bouncing.

L.E. Long:

Nap, in the active voice.

Bint Battuta:


nathan jurgenson

Shelter out of place.


Is reading Catharine MacKinnon's Only Words