Sunday Reading

The sound that sweet music to the brain and will supercharge your muscles
Kerim Friedman:

L.E. Long:

The sneaky places

Two More:

nathan jurgenson:

As I walked around the park or mall, I no longer looked down in an attempt

Jacob Remes:

Wearing more

Reclaim UC:

You may absolutely adore muscular women

T.F. Charlton:

to keep yourself from becoming so emotionally overwhelmed you can t make any progress at all.

Keira Wilmot:
"We need to create ‘safe’ environments for children of color, especially Black children, to study and pursue STEM."
The Case Around Fla, Teen Kiera Wilmot is Part of a Bigger, More Disturbing Pattern
Keira Wilmot and Being a Smart Black Girl
The effects of unchecked criminalization

Sports Edition:
Brittney Griner and the Quiet Queering of Professional Sports
The WNBA Can Teach Male Athletes About Coming Out and Being Allies
Jason Collins Has “Reframed the Conversation” Around Sports, Blacks and Homophobia
Why has Jason Collins' faith been ignored while Tim Tebow's gets so much attention?
When My World Changed, Sports Stayed

Bint Battuta:

How A Conversation With A Friend



Frank Pasquale:

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