"Swift only really dated six of the 10 guys listed on the shirt"

The company claims it made the custom run of shirts as a lark for a friend who was going to the singer’s show. Its founder, Lex Houser, then put a picture of the shirts on the brand’s Facebook site. No big deal.

At least until last night, when Houser started receiving dozens of phone calls and e-mails from angry, self-identified "Swifties" who were totally offended by the shirt’s swipe at the singer’s purity. Rather than taking what it deemed to be “cyber-bullying” lying down, Bad Kids put a number of those offensive messages on its Tumblr page, thus allowing the world to see just how batshit crazy Swifties can be. While one relatively reasonable fan noted that Swift is “a human too with feelings” and that “she will cry” if she sees the shirt, others called Bad Kids “THIRSTY LITTLE BITCHES” and threatened that Swift could “ASK HER BODYGUARDS TO CRUSH U ONE BY ONE AND ILL SLIT UR THROAT IF U DON’T STILL TAKE THE TOP OFF.”

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