Teenage Paparazzo @ Spectacle Theater 11/7

Join TNI at Spectacle to celebrate the release of our 10th Issue on gossip for a screening of Adrian Grenier's 2010 documentary Teenage Paparazzo. Get there before 8. Subscribers will get in free, but if you can’t spare the $2 for a magazine, you’ll have to pay $5 to see the movie. If you can’t even do that, meet us around the corner at Iona at 10, on 180 Grand Street.

Wikipedia describes the film thus:

Grenier encountered 14 year old paparazzo Austin Visschedyk one night and decided to follow him while searching for celebrities. Grenier had set himself a mission in getting to understand the world of the paparazzi. Austin has to be tutored and stays up late at night taking pictures and surfing the internet. During the day he is often called away to photograph celebrities, which he is successful at doing due to his young age and appearance. As the film progresses Grenier realizes his rather negative influence on Visschedyk's life.

Wednesday, Nov. 7
8 pm
Spectacle Theater
180 Grand st.
Brooklyn, NY
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